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How Bow became the Maker

My name is Shane Bowman, a Canadian artisan and industrial designer whose journey into the world of making began at a young age. Growing up in households where creativity and hands-on skills were highly valued, I was inspired not only by my father's meticulous workmanship but also by my mother's unwavering drive to accomplish anything she set her mind to. In the presence of a father dedicated to the art of making, and a mother who exemplified determination and tenacity, I found himself at the intersection of creativity and resilience.


It was a childhood where dreams were pursued, challenges were embraced, and the idea of creating something meaningful with one's own hands was deeply ingrained.


I pursued a formal education in industrial design, that carried with me not only the technical skills learned from my father but also the determination and fearlessness instilled by my mother. The combination of these influences fueled my ambition to turn my passion for making into a business.


Despite a successful career in industrial design,I found solace and fulfillment in the simplicity of working with wood and leather during my spare time. This hobby, now a full-fledged passion, became a way for me to honour the values instilled by both parents. Moreover, I strive to pass on these virtues to my own son, creating a generational legacy of creativity, resilience, and dedication. Through the act of making, I not only crafts tangible objects but also imparts valuable life lessons to the next generation, ensuring that the spirit of creation and the pursuit of excellence endure.


In a world where mass production often overshadows individual artistry, I stand as a testament to the enduring allure of handmade, creating not just products, but stories waiting to be lived and shared through the hands of those who appreciate the beauty of true craftsmanship.

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